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Beware Of Imitations!

The WaterPur™ CCI-10Ca Cartridge is supplied as original equipment in approximately 40 different brands of RV’s.  (Several different websites are infringing on the WaterPur name to lure you to their site, then they offer inferior “substitute” or “replacement” cartridges, claiming that the real WaterPur™ cartridge is not available.  This is simply not true — they are still available through Authorized Retailers!!

The Genuine WaterPur™ CCI-10-Ca is a WQA Gold Seal certified product.  It is manufactured with premium high performance coconut shell carbon and advanced binder technology utilizing a precision compression molding manufacturing process and a polypropylene dirt capturing wrap.  (Many “imitators” are manufactured with inexpensive activated carbon powder on cellulose [paper]). With this extreme attention to detail, the  WaterPur™  CCI-10-Ca delivers consistent pressure drop and contaminant reduction, cartridge after cartridge over an extended period of time.

The Genuine WaterPur™ CCI-10-Ca is rated for 10,000 gallons of Chlorine reduction or one year. There are many of the cheap “imitators” rated at 300 gallons or less and need to be replaced in as little as a weekend to 30 days.  The Genuine WaterPur CCI-10-Ca is rated at 2.5 gallons per minute where most “imitators” are designed for to 1 gallon per minute.  (You would have to run around in the shower to get wet at that rate!!)  Some imitators flow water at higher rates  than their rated flow, meaning you get water, but it is not adequately filtered.

The Genuine WaterPur™ CCI-10-Ca has an initial pressure drop of only 2.6 psi where others have pressure drops of 10 psi or more!!  (Try using that with an RV’s 12 volt water pump!!)

The Genuine WaterPur™ CCI-10-Ca has a high affinity for certain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).  VOC’s are organic compounds that can be isolated from the water phase of a sample by purging the water sample with an inert gas, such as helium, and, subsequently, analyzed by gas chromatography.  Many VOC’s are human-made chemicals that are used and produced in the manufacture of paints, adhesives, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, and refrigerants.  They are often components of fuels, solvents, hydraulic fluids, paint thinners, and dry-cleaning agents.  VOC contamination of drinking water supplies is a human health concern because many are toxic and are known or suspected human carcinogens.  VOC’s  include:  Benzene, Tert-Butyl chromate, Dichloropropane, Formaldehyde, Methylmercury, and a host of others.

Genuine WaterPur™ CCI-10-C series cartridges have been utilized in approximately 40 of the finest RV brands in the USA for the past ten years.  Ask yourself this question:  “WHY IS AN RV MANUFACTURER  PRODUCING 50,000 RV’S PER YEAR  WILLING TO SPEND $500,000 PER YEAR MORE  TO USE THE GENUINE WaterPur™ CCI-10-Ca INSTEAD OF THE “IMITATORS?”   The answer is simple.  To produce the finest RV’s available, you need to use the finest technology, the finest design, and the finest components.

Do you see anyone trying to imitate or lure you away from the other brands?  You deserve the best.  Demand a Genuine WaterPur™ CCI-10-Ca for your family and for your peace of mind.

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